Little White Wedding Chapel Elopement in Las Vegas

Couple sharing an intimate moment during their elopement in Las Vegas.

Little White Wedding Chapel Elopement in Las Vegas

When it comes to elopements, Las Vegas is the perfect destination, offering a blend of romance, excitement, and unforgettable experiences. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful elopement that began at the iconic Bellagio Fountains and culminated in vows at the Little White Wedding Chapel.

First Look at Bellagio Fountains

We started our day at the Bellagio Fountains for the couple’s first look. The fountains, with their choreographed water displays, provided a stunning backdrop for this special moment. As the water danced to the music, the couple’s eyes met, and their smiles said it all. This location not only offers a touch of elegance but also an aura of magic, making it an ideal spot for capturing heartfelt moments.

Couples Portraits Around the Strip

After the emotional first look, we took a leisurely stroll around the Las Vegas Strip for some couples portraits. The Strip, with its vibrant lights and bustling energy, added a lively atmosphere to the photos. We made stops at several iconic landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower replica and the Venetian canals. Each location offered a unique setting, from romantic to playful, ensuring a diverse collection of images that perfectly captured the couple’s personalities and the essence of Las Vegas.

Saying “I Do” at the Little White Wedding Chapel

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the ceremony at the Little White Wedding Chapel. Known for its charm and history, this chapel has been the site of countless famous weddings. The couple exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony, surrounded by the chapel’s classic décor. The moment they said “I do,” you could feel the love and joy in the air. This iconic venue provided a timeless and romantic setting for the couple to begin their journey together.

Vibrant Photos on Fremont Street

Our day concluded with a visit to the lively Fremont Street for some more photos. Fremont Street is known for its eclectic vibe and dazzling lights, creating a dynamic backdrop for nighttime photography. The neon signs and colorful displays added a unique and vibrant touch to the photos, capturing the fun and excitement of Las Vegas. The couple’s joy was palpable as they posed beneath the illuminated canopy, ending their elopement day on a high note.


Elopements in Las Vegas offer endless possibilities for creating beautiful and memorable images. From the elegance of the Bellagio Fountains to the charm of the Little White Wedding Chapel and the vibrant energy of Fremont Street, each location contributed to a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. If you’re considering an elopement, Las Vegas is a destination that promises an extraordinary experience.

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