How to Get Married in Valley of Fire State Park

Couple's portrait at Valley of Fire during their elopement.

So you want to Get Married in Valley of Fire State Park?

Getting married in Valley of Fire State Park offers a unique and picturesque setting with its stunning red sandstone formations. This guide will help you plan your special day to ensure it’s as magical as the surroundings.

Couple sharing an intimate moment while sitting at one of the photo locations at Valley of Fire State Park during their wedding.

Why Choose Valley of Fire?

Valley of Fire State Park, located just 45 minutes from Las Vegas, provides a breathtaking backdrop with its vivid red rocks and ancient landscapes. Known for its natural beauty, it’s an ideal location for intimate weddings and elopements​​​.

Steps to Plan Your Wedding

Obtain the Necessary Permits with an Authorized Vendor

A permit is required to hold your wedding at Valley of Fire. Only certain companies are authorized to obtain these permits annually. Partnering with a licensed wedding planner can help manage this process, ensuring compliance and reducing stress.

If you’ve decided you want me to photograph your wedding, Cactus and Lace, my partnered vendor, can arrange everything from permits to flowers—everything you might need for a wedding in Valley of Fire. Don’t forget to mention that I’m your wedding photographer, so they can create a custom package excluding wedding photography in their services. We’ll work together to provide you with a stress-free wedding experience. Feel free to reach out for more information​​.

You will also need to acquire your marriage license.

Choose Your Ceremony Location

The park permits weddings in two main locations:

  • Seven Sisters: Featuring towering rock formations, this area can accommodate up to 100 guests.
  • The Visitor’s Center: Suitable for smaller gatherings, offering a more intimate setting​​​.
Couple popping a bottle of champagne during their wedding at Valley of FIre

Plan Your Logistics

  • Travel and Accommodation: Most couples fly into Las Vegas and drive to the park. Consider staying in a Las Vegas hotel and utilizing the limousine services included in many wedding packages for convenience​​​.
  • Guest Arrangements: Inform your guests about the park entrance fee ($10 per car). For larger gatherings, coordinate with your wedding planner to accommodate all guests​​​.

Tips for a Seamless Experience

  • Timing: Opt for a sunset ceremony to capture the park’s stunning colors in your wedding photos.
  • Photography: Ensure your package includes a photo tour of iconic spots like Fire Canyon and Mouse’s Tank​​​.
  • Weather Considerations: The park can be extremely hot in summer. Plan accordingly and ensure your guests are prepared for the desert climate​​​.
Couple's portrait at Valley of Fire during their elopement.


Getting married in Valley of Fire State Park offers a unique and unforgettable experience. With the right planning and professional help, your wedding can be as spectacular as the park itself. Embrace the natural beauty and let Valley of Fire be the stunning canvas for your love story​​​.

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