Cactus Joe’s for your elopement in Las Vegas | Everything you need to know.

a couple holding each other during their elopement at Cactus Joe's greenhouse.

Hey, adventurous souls! 🌵 Planning your dream desert elopement in Las Vegas and eyeing Cactus Joe’s and Desert Love Events as the perfect backdrop? Well, guess what? I recently caught up with Ashley Torsiello, the amazing wedding coordinator at Cactus Joe’s. We dished out all the must-know details to make sure your big day is as epic as it deserves to be. Ready to dive into the deets? Let’s roll!


Cactus Joe’s Blue Diamond Nursery is located 25 minutes west of the Las Vegas strip, right outside of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Couple walking out of the small chapel at Cactus Joe's in Las Vegas.

Wedding & Event Spaces:

In conjunction with Desert Love Weddings & Events, Cactus Joe’s provides three wedding locations:

  1. The first is the 7-acre cactus nursery, which houses a quaint wedding chapel and three greenhouses available for indoor celebrations if the weather is an obstacle on the wedding day.
  2. The second location is Desert Love, just across the road from the nursery. Desert Love provides couples with those highly sought-after open desert views.
  3. Finally, our third location is The Ranch House, a shady and lush piece of property that sits behind the nursery.


  • The chapel at the nursery can accommodate up to 20 seated guests with the provided chapel benches.
  • Often, couples opt to use the exterior of the chapel, which can accommodate up to 50 chairs.
  • Desert Love can host up to 85 guests for a ceremony, and the Ranch House up to 75.
  • As for receptions, the nursery can accommodate up to 165 guests, Desert Love up to 50, and the Ranch House up to 75.
Bride Holding a bouquet of flowers inside the chapel at Cactus Joe's

Ceremony and Reception Options:

  • The most common use of the spaces seen here is for couples to have their ceremony at Desert Love and then host their reception at the nursery.
  • Within the nursery, three greenhouses are available for indoor use if necessary.
  • However, most guests prefer to dine and dance under the stars in what is called Center Nursery—a spacious open plot available for events.

Decor and Aesthetics:

  • The nursery focuses on native Nevada and Arizona plants that thrive and are eco-friendly to the region.
  • This commitment results not only in a wide variety of beautiful plants across the property but also in a diverse assortment of pottery, concrete statues, metal art, outdoor furniture, rainbow glass, rocks, gems, and minerals at Cactus Joe’s.
  • The nursery is vibrant and whimsical. In contrast, Desert Love maintains an organic feel with only the Joshua Trees that Cactus Joe’s added to the property in early 2023.


  • Cactus Joe’s is a fully operational nursery, and as such, doesn’t offer any amenities or vendor services for events.
  • Everything required is brought in from an outside source.

Pricing and Packages:

  • Ceremonies and receptions can be booked a la carte.
  • Ceremony rates range from $600 to $950, depending on guest count and the day of the week.
  • Receptions, which are four hours long, range from $3,195 to $3,995, depending on the day of the week.

Vendor Flexibility:

  • There are no vendor restrictions at Cactus Joe’s, allowing couples to authentically create the wedding of their dreams.
  • However, all events must have a wedding planner, and vendors involved on the wedding day must be licensed and insured in the area of service they are providing.
Bride holding her beautiful bouquet of flowers inside the greenhouse at Cactus Joe's.

Weather Contingency:

  • Depending on the time of year, three greenhouses on the property can be used if weather becomes a factor.
  • During winter, two of these greenhouses house plants, limiting space for smaller events.
  • In the summer, an A/C source like a swamp cooler needs to be brought in, as the inside of the greenhouse can get incredibly hot.
  • For winter events, a heating source is recommended.

Advice: Tips for Getting Married at Cactus Joe’s Nursery

If you’re planning on getting married at Cactus Joe’s Nursery, here are a few tips to make your special day even more perfect. Firstly, consider the timing of your wedding. Since the nursery can get quite hot during the day, it’s best to schedule your ceremony and reception during the cooler months, such as the spring or fall. Additionally, make sure to communicate with the staff at Cactus Joe’s to see if there are any restrictions or guidelines for hosting events at the nursery. You may need to rent additional items such as chairs, tables, or a tent for shade. Another tip is to make the most of the stunning natural landscape. Cactus Joe’s is known for its beautiful desert scenery, so consider incorporating the natural beauty into your wedding decor. Utilize the cacti and succulents as backdrops or centerpieces to add a touch of desert charm to your special day. Lastly, don’t forget about the details when it comes to guest comfort. Consider providing water stations and fans to keep everyone cool during the celebration. With these tips in mind, your wedding at Cactus Joe’s Nursery is sure to be a beautiful and unforgettable event. 


  •  Cactus Joe’s aren’t just spaces; they’re blank canvases for your love story. From the vibrant nursery to the organic charm of Desert Love, each spot offers a unique setting.
  • Cactus Joe’s gives you freedom—no vendor restrictions, just a space for your creativity to shine. Whether you prefer cactus-lined aisles, expansive desert views, or the retreat of The Ranch House, the choice is yours.
  • Seasons change, and so does the landscape. Greenhouses offer shelter in winter, and the open desert becomes your canvas in summer. The possibilities are endless, and the details are yours to customize.
  • Just 25 minutes from the Vegas Strip, this oasis invites you to explore and let your love story unfold. Under the stars, surrounded by plants, or framed by Joshua Trees, your wedding day is an adventure.
  • Now, take the next step. Visit, explore, and let the magic of Cactus Joe’s and Desert Love become the backdrop for your love story.

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