Valley of Fire Adventure Session | Las Vegas Engagement

Couple walking while holding hands happily looking at each other during their engagement photo session at Valley of Fire while Photo taken by John Bognot Photography.

Epic Love Unveiled at Valley of Fire!

This Valley of Fire engagement session was a thrilling ride through love’s adventure! Despite the weather throwing us some curveballs, we managed to snag shots that scream love and connection, turning challenges into unforgettable moments.

Countdown to Jordan and Alex’s Big Day!

Guess what? Jordan and I go way back, and when Alex popped the question last year, it felt like a personal victory. Now, with their wedding just a week away, the excitement is through the roof! Hold on tight, because their big day promises to be a spectacle of love.

Troopers in Love: Jordan and Alex Shine!

Talk about a stunning couple! Every photo of Jordan and Alex oozes beauty and love, a testament to their connection. During the shoot, they were absolute troopers, turning every moment into a memory. Trust me; it was a blast capturing their adorable moments!

Love Behind the Lens: A Photographer’s Joy!

As a photographer, my heart swells capturing the pure joy and love between two souls. But when those souls are dear friends, the magic amplifies! Their engagement session was an adventure, a rollercoaster of emotions that etched unforgettable memories. And I’m over the moon to be a part of it!

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