Garden Wedding Venues in Las Vegas: A Touch of Green in the Desert Oasis

Couple sharing an intimate moment at the Flamingo garden looking at each other smiling for their engagement photos.

Las Vegas, a city famed for its glitzy strip and vibrant nightlife, also harbors serene and lush garden oases perfect for a fairy-tale wedding. Garden wedding venues in Las Vegas offer a tranquil escape from the bustling city life, presenting a blend of natural beauty and the charm of Sin City.

Exploring Lush Garden Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas may be known for its indoor extravaganzas, the city also boasts several stunning outdoor garden venues. Each provides a unique, verdant setting for couples looking to tie the knot amidst nature’s beauty.

1. The Secret Garden

  • Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, The Secret Garden offers a picturesque setting with its lush landscaping, twinkling lights, and tranquil vibes, perfect for an enchanting garden wedding.

2. Springs Preserve

  • This venue combines the beauty of botanical gardens with the history and sustainability of Las Vegas, offering a serene and eco-friendly choice for your special day.

3. Wynn Las Vegas

  • At Wynn, couples can experience luxury amid nature. The impeccably manicured gardens and vibrant floral arrangements provide an elegant backdrop for a sophisticated garden wedding.

4. The Grove Wedding Chapel & Gardens

  • With its rustic charm and a tranquil garden setting surrounded by almond trees and greenery, The Grove offers a peaceful and intimate wedding experience.

5. Flamingo Las Vegas Garden Chapels

  • Known for its Wildlife Habitat, the Flamingo’s garden chapels offer a tropical retreat with lush gardens, waterfalls, and exotic animals, creating a unique and vibrant wedding setting.

6. Emerald at Queensridge

  • This venue offers a beautiful outdoor courtyard setting with an elegant and modern touch, complete with lush greenery and a grand, sweeping staircase.

7. Sunset Gardens

  • Offering a classic garden setting with its twinkling lights and private, landscaped grounds, Sunset Gardens creates a romantic atmosphere for your wedding.

8. A Secret Garden

  • True to its name, this venue provides a secluded, lush garden setting for an intimate and magical wedding experience.

9. Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

  • Surrounded by mountains and greenery, the Paiute Golf Resort offers a serene, natural setting for a beautiful garden wedding.

10. Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa

  • Overlooking Lake Las Vegas, the Hilton’s gardens provide a tranquil and scenic backdrop, perfect for a romantic lakeside garden wedding.

Making Your Garden Wedding Dream a Reality in Las Vegas

Planning your garden wedding in Las Vegas involves considering the time of year, the natural setting, and the unique amenities each venue offers. These garden venues provide a lush, natural canvas to paint your dream wedding, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.


Garden wedding venues in Las Vegas are not only about the vibrant floral arrangements and lush landscapes; they are about creating a moment in time where nature’s beauty enhances the magic of your special day. In Las Vegas, your garden wedding will be as unforgettable as the city itself.

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