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Hey there! I'm John, your go-to photographer and a dedicated adventure enthusiast. Beyond capturing stunning moments, I'm a proud husband and dad, navigating life's journey with my loving wife, little one, and our lively pets.

In 2012, I kicked off my photography journey by exploring different parts of the world. The landscapes and cultures I encountered were absolutely mind-blowing. It was during these experiences that I realized I wanted to preserve those incredible moments and memories forever through my photography. It's like having a time machine in pictures!

As our family expanded, so did my fascination with portrait photography. Anticipating the arrival of our first child, I yearned to preserve every cherished moment, making photography the perfect medium for this endeavor.

My ultimate mission is to craft images that transport you back to the emotions and pure joy of your special day, even decades down the road.

If my approach resonates with you, and you're seeking a photographer ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure, I'm beyond excited to connect. Let's create something truly amazing together!

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A snapshot into my life

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There's nothing quite like spending quality time and going on adventures with my lovely wife, Audra, and our son, Luke. We also have a fur baby named Arty and two cats named Sonic and Rosie. Together, they bring joy and warmth to our lives, making each moment truly special.

My family


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Traveling is how I discovered my love for photography. Exploring different countries, immersing myself in new cultures, making friends from around the world, and savoring diverse cuisines have been an amazing experience. Every time I set foot in a new place, it's like unwrapping a gift of discovery. There's a sense of excitement and a profound desire to learn, which is why my love for travel remains boundless.

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The ocean is my happy place! I absolutely love everything about it. Surfing the waves, scuba diving, or snorkeling to marvel at the underwater world's beauty – it all fills me with pure joy. And on lazy beach days, you'll find me simply relaxing by the shore, watching people enjoy the sun and sea. Oh, and speaking of family, beach days are a top choice for us, especially because our little one, Luke, has a blast building sandcastles!

costa rica


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I love mountains! Hiking with my wife and our little explorer, Luke, is a cherished family activity, and I also enjoy the thrill of mountain biking. It's not just the adventure that captivates me; it's the breathtaking mountain vistas.

sedona, az


My Favorite Things

From the vibrant heart of Las Vegas to the tranquil beauty of oceans, the majestic allure of mountains, and the serene embrace of forest meadows - wherever your heart desires to exchange vows, I aspire to be the one capturing those precious moments through my lens. Regardless of the location, I am wholeheartedly committed to being the photographer who preserves the unique essence of your love story.



I want to hear your love story! From the first meeting to the proposal, your wedding plans, and any questions you have – I'm here to assist in every way I can. Use the form below to get in touch. Can't wait to chat!

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